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Migrating Your Existing CUDA Code to DPC++ Code

Find out how to migrate CUDA* code to Data Parallel C++ (DPC++) using the Intel® DPC++ Compatibility Tool, a one-time migration engine that ports both kernels and API calls.

Intel senior software engineers Sunny Gogar and Edward Mascarenhas walk you through the process, including:

  • An overview of the DPC++ language—its origins and benefits to developers.
  • A description of the Intel DPC++ Compatibility Tool and how it works.
  • Real-world examples to get you grounded on the migration concept, process, and expectations.
  • A hands-on demo using jupyter* notebook to show the serial steps involved, including what a complete migration to DPC++ looks like, as well as cases where manual porting is required to port CUDA all the way to DPC++ code.

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