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IoT Introduction: Smart Home basics with Intel® & IBM®
Now available on demand!

Devices in and around our homes are becoming more connected, resulting in smart homes that can lead to smart communities. See a practical, smart home demo and learn how IoT technology from Intel® and IBM® can lead to an environmentally friendly community.

Smart Home Data Analytics with Intel® and IBM®
Now available on demand!
Building on the smart home fundamentals presented in the first webinar, Intel® and IBM® experts will guide you through collecting sensor data and analyzing the data in order to determine when a sprinkler system should run.

Introduction to IoT Security with
Intel® and IBM®
Now available on demand!
Smart homes and the individual devices in them allow for new efficiencies by connecting data previously held in disparate locations. Unfortunately, because of this connectedness, these same devices also open users up to new privacy and security risks.

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Daniel Holmlund


Daniel Holmlund is a Software Developer Community team member at Intel who specializes in the Internet of Things.

Martin Kronberg


Martin is a Technical Evangelist for Intel’s Developer Relations Division and supports the developer community in the Internet of Things environment.

John Walicki


As a member of the Watson IoT™ Developer Advocate team, John teaches developers about the powerful Watson IoT™ Cognitive APIs and IBM Bluemix®.