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Rapid Prototyping with Sensors in Arduino* Create
Now available on demand

In this webinar, you will learn about Arduino* Create and basics of sensor development. We will show you how to use the middleware layer for I/O interfaces, known as the MRAA library, to do register read/writes to quickly add and run sensors for your IoT solutions using this cloud-based developer environment. MRAA provides all the needed building blocks for creating a generic and portable API for sensor and actuator devices.

Developing a New UPM sensor Library using Intel® System Studio
Now available on demand
The Intel® IoT connection tools provide a rapid-development software suite for enabling new sensor and actuator hardware on IoT platforms. The tool suite consists of multiple components including a collection of libraries supporting over 400 devices named UPM. The continued success of these open-source libraries depends now more than ever on the support of the community for keeping up with the latest devices on the market. This webinar will cover the necessary steps to develop and publish a new UPM library using Intel® System Studio.


Joe Butler

Product Manager, Intel

Joe is a product manager at Intel Corporation, focused on delivering useful developer kits, tools, libraries, and code samples for IoT software developers. His interests are currently around computer vision and machine learning as they apply to IoT. His education is in electrical engineering with an MS from Stanford and a BS from Arizona State University. In his free time, he enjoys playing soccer with his kids.

Mihai Tudor Panu, PhD

Software Architect, Intel

Tudor Panu is an Intel System Studio Software Architect focused on end-to-end Internet of Things (IOT) solutions and application development. Tudor joined Intel in 2014, working with developer products and kits across sensor libraries, math libraries, computer vision and IoT applications. He has a Ph.D in Computer Science and Engineering with experience in low level hardware design, sensors, actuators, connected devices and IoT developer workflows.