Project Arena – A Developer Journey Webinar

Project Arena is a premium commercial VR experience that sets out to demonstrate and educate the VR developer community on how to produce large-scale VR projects. A real-world arena venue has been modeled and designed with AEC tools, and through a series of transformations brought to life in real-time VR experience. In addition to the physical scale of the experience, a real-time crowd simulation has been incorporated so as to enrich the experience by not making it a sterile, static environment. Together these enable Intel to demonstrate how Intel Core i9 processors are best suited to power this experience.

What You Will Learn:

  • The audience member shall learn about the Project Arena from inception to completion.
  • Learn about the tools – HW and SW – employed during its production.
  • Learn about the design and development challenges that were overcome to achieve scalability and performance.

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About Our Speakers

Rudy Cazabon

Technical Marketing Engineer, Intel Corporation

Mr. Cazabon has a Bachelors degree in Space Science (minor in Mechanical Engineering) from the Florida Institute of Technology; with graduate studies in Aerospace and Astronautics from Georgia Tech and Management Science from Stanford. Rudy has served as engineering manager and architect on projects such as Autodesk 3DS Max, Havok StudioTools. Rudy has run a technical consultancy in 3D graphics, VR, and computer vision. Rudy is an active volunteer in STEM K-12 programs and participates in academic venues such as ACM Siggraph.

Rod Recker

CTO & GM, Glimpse Group Consulting

Mr. Recker has over 25 years of experience in software development and executive management. From 1998-2016 he worked at Autodesk, Inc. (ADSK) a software maker of advanced tools for computer-aided design, movie special effects, and game development. He held a variety of positions at Autodesk, leading teams delivering innovative computer graphics technology across the company’s product line. Additionally, Mr. Recker led global teams working in the areas of user interface design, quality control, and SAAS software development. Prior to Autodesk, Mr. Recker co-founded Lightscape Technologies in 1991, a maker of specialized 3D visualization software for the architectural design and visual effects markets. This company was acquired by Autodesk in 1998. Mr. Recker holds BS and MS degrees in Computer Science from Cornell University where he conducted research in the Program of Computer Graphics with Professor Donald Greenberg, a pioneer in the field.