Webinar Overview:

Python* is a popular language in software workflows throughout the industry. From machine learning to scientific computations, Python has become the language of choice for data scientists and engineers that need to maximize productivity. As more developers and domain specialists adopt Python for productivity gains in their daily flows, the performance of Python becomes a significant limitation for migrating one’s code to production.

Intel accelerates many of these popular workflows with the Intel® Distribution for Python*, giving easy, out-of-the-box access to high performance Python and accelerated libraries optimized for Intel® Architecture.

In the distribution, popular packages such as NumPy*, SciPy*, and scikit-learn* are accelerated with Intel® Math Kernel Library, and analytics tasks are optimized with pyDAAL, TBB, Numba*, and Cython*. With this free distribution, Intel looks to provide Python acceleration close to native speeds and empower the community with the best Python distribution on Intel® Architecture.

The webinar will cover the following topics:

  • The Intel® Distribution for Python* 2017.
  • Best usages for the Intel® Distribution for Python*.
  • Installing and setting up the distribution.
  • Introduction to machine learning.
  • Machine learning example with scikit-learn*.
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David Liu

Python Technical Consultant Engineer
Intel Corporation

David Liu is a Python Technical Consultant Engineer within Intel’s Developer Products Division. He has worked in both hardware and software for 10 years and received his Master’s degree in Software Engineering.