Register for the webinar Voice control framework with Intel® NUC and Amazon Alexa*

Join us to learn how to use Intel® IoT technology and Amazon Alexa* skills to create custom voice powered IoT solutions. We will show you how to use the Intel® NUC Gateway, an Amazon Echo*, and JavaScript* to create a voice control framework for your IoT project.

Topics covered include:

  • Connecting sensors and actuators to the Intel® NUC Gateway.
  • Creating an Amazon Web Services (AWS)* IoT device.
  • Creating custom Amazon Alexa* skills.
  • Connecting Intel® NUC Gateway to AWS* IoT.
  • Creating custom AWS* Lambda functions.
  • AWS* policy management.
  • Demonstration of entire framework in action.

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Martin Kronberg

Technical Evangelist

Martin Kronberg is a Technical Evangelist for Intel’s Developer Relations Division. He is responsible for running workshops, creating content, and supporting the developer community in the Internet of Things environment. He is skilled in developing applications that interface hardware with cloud analytics across a wide range of topics including computer vision, robotics, and language processing.