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Design Code for Modern Hardware

Threading, vectorization, and memory are three top methods to optimize code to run fast and efficiently on modern hardware. But understanding why your code won’t execute fast can be complex.

Intel® Advisor is a breakthrough analysis tool that simplifies the complexity with powerful features and capabilities, including:

  • Roofline Analysis. Visualize actual performance against hardware-imposed performance ceilings (rooflines)—such as memory bandwidth and compute capacity—to provide an ideal road map of potential optimization steps.
  • Vectorization Optimization. Identify high-impact vectorization opportunities and pinpoint memory issues that may cause slowdown.
  • Thread Prototyping. Quickly model, tune, and test the performance of multiple threading designs without disrupting development.
  • Building Heterogeneous Algorithms. Graphically represent and analyze your application’s critical path performance by creating and analyzing data flow and dependency computation graphs.

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More Information

  • Visit the product website to dive into the details, including overview videos, documentation, and code samples.
  • Visit Tech.Decoded for the latest Intel® Advisor on-demand webinars, how-to videos, articles, and more.