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Optimize Compute Easily and Efficiently

The Intel® SDK for OpenCL™ Applications gives you the power to accelerate performance, customize solutions, and develop your own proprietary algorithms directly on Intel® processors—CPUs and GPUs/Intel® Processor Graphics—from host to target.

Download this free SDK to:

  • Speed application performance using advanced capabilities of the latest Intel hardware and optimize special functions, including threading, graphics/image processing, and video transcoding.
  • Prototype on CPU and deploy (offload compute) to GPU; and balance workloads to best utilize available resources.
  • Streamline application development using OpenCL™ Code Builder to create, debug, and analyze.
  • Deliver high-performance image and video processing pipelines.
  • Accelerate general compute algorithms through parallel processing on your available devices.

Simply fill out the form to get started developing general compute, media, computer vision, and embedded applications.

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Use with Other Tools to Expand Competitive Advantage
The Intel SDK for OpenCL* Applications is one of Intel’s heterogeneous compute solutions. Create highly performant applications when using the SDK with other Intel® Developer Tools, including: