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Upcoming Live Webinars

Types of Edge Computing – Part 2 - ETSI MEC Deployment Models

Wednesday, July 20, 2022 – 1pm PST

Edge deployment models are evolving every day. As a continuation of our recent topic “Types of Edge Computing – Architectural and Deployment Models”, we have part 2 of the talk focused on ETSI Multi-Access Edge Computing (MEC) deployments. Our guest speaker, Dario Sabella, chairman of ETSI MEC, will introduce us to the ongoing work in ETSI MEC Industry Standards Group. The talk will focus on the following topics:

  • Various MEC deployment models in 4G
  • Transition phases to 5G deployments
  • MEC in 5G across 3GPP Release 15 and 17
  • V2X use case as an example
  • Ongoing work with Release 18

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On-demand Webinars

Analyze & Optimize Neural Networks with Deep Learning Workbench

This webinar demonstrates how to use the Deep Learning Workbench to analyze and optimize your model and more.

Run Object Detection and Human Pose Estimation in Real Time

Explore AI inferencing and how to run different models using OpenVINO™ toolkit.

Hear the Replay of the Live Broadcast from Fort Mason with Pat and Intel Senior Leaders

Listen in to get the latest announcements spanning new products, developer tools and technologies, and Intel’s focus on empowering an open ecosystem, ensuring choice for developers to use tools and environments they prefer, and building trust and partnership across cloud service providers, open-source communities, startups, and others.

Take the Stress Out of Going from Training to Inferencing with the OpenVINO™ Toolkit

Take the stress out of training models with done-for-you integration and extensions ready and optimized for inferencing with OpenVINO™ toolkit.

Enabling Real-Time Visibility for Your Supply Chain

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • How IoT connectivity is helping to address the challenges of today’s global supply chains
  • How this collaboration between industry leaders is accelerating solution development and deployment at scale
  • How shippers can gain better visibility and business intelligence to make smarter decisions and build a competitive advantage
  • Why supply chains of the future will need to digitally transform and leverage advanced capabilities like AI and predictive analytics

BYOD- Retrain a TensorFlow Model Using Your Data Set

The OpenVINO Notebooks repo on GitHub is a collection of ready-to-run Jupyter Notebooks, that feature various aspects, AI models, and use cases to show off the capabilities of the OpenVINO™ Toolkit. One of the examples is a notebook, where you can train a model using TensorFlow*, and then run it in both the native TensorFlow and then using the OpenVINO™ Toolkit. This tutorial shows how to take this notebook and modify it to train the same model but with a different dataset.


Deploying AI and Deep Learning Applications with OpenVINO™ Toolkit

Find out how you can accelerate AI workloads for computer vision, audio, speech, language, and recommendation systems using OpenVINO™ toolkit. Watch this self-paced video training series to advance your skills in AI and deep learning. The training will take you through the workflow using OpenVINO™ toolkit including support for accelerated deep learning algorithm deployments in your application. Learn about Intel® DevCloud, a cloud-based development sandbox that allows you to actively prototype and experiment with AI inference workloads on the latest Intel® hardware. Discover tools and demos for the different stages of your development journey.

Length: 16 modules, averaging 20m each

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Introduction to OpenVINO™ Toolkit integration with TensorFlow

OpenVINO™ toolkit integration with TensorFlow (OVTF) delivers OpenVINO™ toolkit inline optimizations and runtime needed for an enhanced level of TensorFlow compatibility. It is designed for developers who want to get started with OpenVINO™ toolkit in their inferencing applications to enhance inferencing performance with minimal code modifications. Learn how OpenVINO™ toolkit integration with TensorFlow helps accelerate inference across many AI models on a variety of Intel® silicon.


OpenVINO Execution Provider for ONNX Runtime

In this course, you will be learning the basics of OpenVINO™ Execution Provider for ONNX* Runtime. After finishing this course you will be able to develop deep learning applications leveraging the OpenVINO Execution Provider for ONNX Runtime. We will introduce you to the environment and various sample applications.

Length: 10 modules, averaging 2m each


Intel® Edge Insights for Industrial

Learn more about Intel's reference software stack for video and sensor analytics. Find out how Intel® Edge Insights for Industrial enables you to integrate video and time-series data analytics on edge compute nodes and run concurrent workloads on ready-to-use containerized analytics pipelines. Learn to support acceleration and distribution of video analytics on CPUs, GPUs, and VPUs.

Length: 10 modules, averaging 2m each

Intel® Edge AI Certification

Get Edge AI certified with hands-on experience in OpenVINO™ toolkit. Draw from leading libraries and APIs, all running on your choice of Intel® DevCloud hardware clusters. Train with real-world use cases involving computer vision deep-learning inference, such as safety gear and manufacturing defect detection, retail loss prevention, and more.

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Coursera: Introduction to OpenVINO™ Toolkit for Computer Vision Applications

This course provides easy access to the fundamental concepts of OpenVINO™ toolkit. Throughout this course, you will be introduced to demos, showcasing the capabilities of this toolkit. With the skills you acquire from this course, you will be able to describe the value of tools and utilities provided in OpenVINO™ toolkit, such as the model downloader, model optimizer and inference engine.

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Udacity: Intel® Edge AI Fundamentals with OpenVINO™ Toolkit

Learn how to use OpenVINO™ toolkit to deploy computer vision capabilities inside a range of edge applications. Leverage the toolkit to fast-track development of high-performance computer vision and deep learning inference applications.

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Academic Resources for Edge and IoT

Whether you're a student or an educator, get the right resources to help you master AI and deep learning. Educators can request access to a 5-module teaching kit that includes a lesson plan, workbooks, Jupyter Notebook lab tutorials, videos and quizzes. Additional resources are open to all such as Github, hosted OpenVINO toolkit Jupyter Notebooks, and Open Model Zoo storing a repository of hundreds of pretrained AI models and access to their in-depth research.

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