Take the Stress Out of Going from Training to Inferencing with the OpenVINO™ toolkit

Thursday, March 4, 2021
9-10 am PST

The journey from training a deep learning model to deploying the model into the real world for inferencing can be treacherous. At the same time, the need for performance, accuracy and a no-one-size-fits-all approach can sometimes hamper productivity for many AI dev teams.

Take the stress out of training models with done-for-you integration and extensions ready and optimized for inferencing with the Intel® Distribution of OpenVINO™ toolkit.

Open-sourced tools compatible with OpenVINO™ toolkit, such as the Neural Network Compression Framework and the Training Extensions, allow devs to work smarter and focus on delivering real world results.

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • Why the need for highly accurate and performant models has encumbered developers and what you can do about it
  • What tools and resources are available for you to make your AI deployment journey more efficient
  • How to get started using training extensions and frameworks with the OpenVINO™ toolkit
  • Live demos and Q&As with our team of experts

Get started:

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Zoe Cayetano

AI Product Manager, Intel Corporation

Passionate about democratizing technology access for everyone and working on projects with outsized impact on the world, Zoe is a Product Manager for AI and IoT working on a variety of interdisciplinary business and engineering problems. Prior to Intel, she was a data science researcher for a particle accelerator at Arizona State University, where she analyzed electron beam dynamics of novel x-ray lasers that were used for crystallography, quantum materials and bioimaging. She holds Bachelor's degrees in Applied Physics and Business. Philippines-born, she is currently based in San Francisco, California.

Raymond Lo

Software Evangelist, OpenVINO™ toolkit, Intel Corporation

Raymond Lo is the software evangelist at Intel focusing on the OpenVINO toolkit. Previously, Raymond was the founder and CTO of Y Combinator-backed augmented reality company Meta and the technology evangelist for Samsung NEXT.

During his PhD, Raymond worked with Prof Steve Mann, who is widely recognized as the father of wearable computing from MIT Media Lab. Together they published numerous of research papers on the topic of GPGPUs, open source HDR videos, and open source wearable computing projects in the University of Toronto.

In 2013, Raymond took his augmented reality (AR) eyeglasses invention and functional prototype from Toronto and co-founded Meta that raised over $80 million for their pioneering development of augmented reality eyeglasses. As the CTO of Meta, he successfully developed and shipped Meta 1 and Meta 2 with a team of over 150+ people.

As the executive and Evangelist, he had the opportunity to speak at conferences such as TED talk, SIGGRAPH, Tencent WE Summit, and Hello Tomorrow. His unique combination of startup entrepreneurship and enterprise experiences helped Raymond to create connections to hundreds of startups and thousands of developers around the world.

Sergei Nosov

Deep Learning Engineering Manager, Intel Corporation

Sergei Nosov is a Deep Learning Engineering Manager in IOTG leading one of the algorithm teams developing Intel Models for OpenVINO toolkit. Sergei’s interests are in Computer Vision, Deep Learning, Computer Science and Programming Languages. Sergei has about 10 years of experience developing Computer Vision Algorithms including Panorama Stitching, Camera Calibration and Object Detection. His current area of R&D lies in Deep Learning with algorithms such as Object detection and Semantic Segmentation, Attributes classification and Image Processing. Sergei holds a Master of Science degree from Nizhny Novgorod State University in Computer Science.